Frequently Asked Questions

Will My Mobile Phone's Data Be Lost?

We make every effort to keep all information unless it is necessary to remove it as part of the repair. These repairs typically include software issues as well as liquid damage.

How Long Will It Take To Fix My Device?

Every device is unique. Phones are usually repaired while you wait. Computers and tablets may take a few business days to arrive. If you need an emergency repair, give us a call and ask about our expedited services.

What Is The Scope Of Your Standard Repair Warranty?

Our standard warranty, which is included with all of our repairs, is limited to functionality. It expressly excludes any and all damages, no matter how minor they may be (cracks, spots, chips, scratches, liquid, fire, nightstand, ghosts, and alien abductions). We are working on providing accidental protection, but it will be a paid service in addition to any repair costs.

My Ipad Is Charging Slowly Or Not Charging At All. Is This A Problem With The Battery?

It’s possible that a faulty battery is causing your iPad to charge slowly or not at all. It could also be a problem with the integrated circuits that regulate charging in the device. Plugging into non-Apple chargers can sometimes cause these issues. If your battery is faulty, we can test it and replace it. If your iPad has other problems, our technicians can fix them as well.

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