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About Us

Long Beach Cell Phone Repair is ahead of the competition due to our experienced staff, extensive knowledge, skills, and sophisticated equipment. We can repair almost any device, including screen repairs, liquid damage, button replacement, and hardware and software issues.

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Our experts are well-versed in PCB soldering/repair and IC replacement. All of our cell phone and tablet repairs are of the highest quality and come with a lifetime warranty.

When you hire us you get excellent customer service. We take care of Water Damage, Battery Replacements, Broken Screens, and provide High Quality Parts. We fix Cracked Screens on iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Motorola, and LG devices.

Our most common issue would be a cracked screen. You can replace your touch display. This is often far less expensive than replacing your device, and 95 percent of replacements can be completed in under an hour. Humidity, sweat, and a variety of other factors can cause mobile phones to become liquid damaged. We can get rid of it by cleaning and reflowing the system.

We have a 90% success rate; the sooner you bring your phone in, the better your chances of saving your important data and the lower your cost. We provide comprehensive repair services for all Apple iPhone models. We can fix the majority of problems, from iPhone screen repair to battery replacement to data recovery.

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 Long Beach Cell Phone Repair can diagnose and repair devices that most shops cannot, thanks to certified repair specialists trained in integrated circuit board repair.And we stand by what we do. Our 90-day guarantee covers all repairs and upgrades. Bring it back if anything goes wrong, and we’ll make it right.

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