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Does your Samsung phone need a repair? We collaborate closely with Samsung to ensure that you receive the prompt repairs and replacement parts that you deserve. Furthermore, we repair your Samsung devices in a matter of hours, and each repair comes with a 90-day warranty.

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Samsung Phone Microphone Repair

When other people can’t hear what you’re saying during a call, perhaps it’s time to bring your smartphone to us for a microphone repair.

Samsung Phone Front Camera Repair

A broken front camera will often be unable to focus correctly. If this happens, schedule an appointment for a front camera repair at our shop.

Samsung Phone LCD Repair

Rely on us to replace or repair a broken LCD and get a hassle-free warranty you can count on

Samsung Phone Rear Glass Repair

We have back glass in stock for the Samsung S21 Ultra, so bring the phone to our repair center as soon as possible.

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Top Rated Samsung Phone Repair

Long Beach Cell Phone Repair also provides no-obligation diagnostics for free. We’ll investigate your Samsung device, determine the best Samsung repair option, and provide you with a quote. If you find a lower price than what we’re offering, we’ll match it.

No matter how new your samsung phone model is, how safe you keep your phone, no mobile device is “bulletproof.” And if something goes wrong, your local mobile repair company has you covered. If you require Samsung Galaxy S10 repair, Samsung Note 9 screen repair, or repair services for any other Samsung generation — old or new — we will work quickly to resolve your issue. We fix all kinds of common Samsung Galaxy problems, such as shattered screens, dead batteries, broken charging ports, front camera, rear camera, microphone, LCD screen, battery and broken power buttons. If you want to know why your screen is glitching or why your speakers aren’t working properly, bring your device to us. So, how do you get your Samsung device repaired quickly and easily?

Give us a call or visit our website. We’ll ask about your device and the repair solutions you’re looking for, whether it’s a Samsung Galaxy S8 screen replacement, a Samsung tablet speaker repair, or a damaged Samsung parts. We repair it all as a Samsung Authorized Brand, using genuine Samsung repair parts both on and off-site.

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When you bring your phone to us, our technicians will ask some basic questions like when you bought the phone, if it is under warranty, if it was repaired before, etc. After you’ve given us those answers, we’ll ask for your address and deliver the repaired phone to your house if you can’t come pick it up. You will choose a service option. Where would you like your Samsung device repaired? Choose between in-home, carry-in and mail-in tech repair. When we receive your phone, tablet, or computer, we will immediately begin the repair process! We even offer Samsung repair tracking, so you’ll always know where your device is from start to finish. Give us a call today if your Samsung phone needs repair. We will provide a quote for free.

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